Baby-Sitters Club #14 Hello, Mallory Netflix Edition


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Mallory Pike has always wanted to be a member of the Baby-Sitters Club. The Baby-Sitters are so much fun to be around, and so grown-up. Now the club members have invited Mallory to a meeting. This might be her big chance! But the Baby-Sitters dont make it easy. First Claudia makes Mal feel like a baby on her first official baby-sitting job. Then they give her a written testwith questions nobody could answer! Mallorys beginning to think she doesnt want to be part of the Baby-Sitters Club. Maybe with her new friend Jessi shell start a club of her own... Its time to show those Baby-Sitters what a couple of new girls can do!

ISBN: 9781760979645
Publication Date: 02-Jan-2021
Publisher: Scholastic, Incorporated