Apocalypse Kings

Landy Derek

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Wild Things Review
by Bookseller Freya

Apocalypse Kings is the newest novella to be born out of the hugely popular Skulduggery Pleasant series! Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain must once again save the world from three ancient gods intent on destroying humanity, a piece of cake really. However, this time they have to go undercover in a school to do it which isn’t nearly as simple as everyday saving the world… No matter what happens they cannot let anyone find out about their underground, magical world. Acting completely normal when the fate of the world rests in your hands shouldn’t be that hard, right?

I have loved the skulduggery pleasant series for many years now and this new novella is no exception! It’s just as fast paced, sarcastically funny and engaging as the other books in the series. I couldn’t put it down. – Freya

A 9+ Read for fans of magic, gritty humour, awesome fight scenes and skeleton detectives. 

ISBN: 9780008447441
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2021
Publisher: HarperCollins