Morris Gleitzman

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The much-anticipated final journey in the story of Felix - the hero of Morris Gleitzman's multi-award-winning Once, Then, Now, After, Soon, and Maybe.

Late in life, Felix finds himself back where he started, living in an aged-care home that reminds him of his childhood orphanage.

He's not happy. His body might be old, but his spirit is still youthful. When he learns that a dear friend from his early years is in terrible danger, Felix doesn't hesitate. He makes his second orphanage escape, goes back to Poland and throws himself into a daring and dangerous journey with a young friend.

Felix knows it might be the end of him, but he hopes it will allow him to do something first. Make a gift to the children of the world that will help them always.

'Haunting ... dangerous and desperate, but also full of courage and hope.'
The Guardian

'Morris Gleitzman has a rare gift for writing very funny stories and an even rarer gift of wrapping very serious stories inside them.'
The Guardian

ISBN: 9780143793243
Publication Date: 31-Aug-2021
Publisher: Penguin Random House