Where the Wild Things Are offers a range of services tailored towards teacher librarians and schools. Our staff collectively have over 50 years experience in the book industry, and each has an exceptional knowledge of books for all different age groups, reading levels, and interests, as well as specialty areas of expertise. We want to share this knowledge with you and support the essential work done by teachers and teacher librarians in building life-long readers. See below for a description of events and services we can provide.

We also offer all schools a minimum 10% discount, free freight on orders over $100 and special giveaways. To establish a school account, email us at schools(at)

If you have any questions or would like to organise one of the following events, please email us at schools(at) or phone 07 3255 3987.

A wild rumpus begins after a morning of reading and learning.

Field Trips

Bring your classes to Where the Wild Things Are for an inspiring, fun, and informative look at the world of books, bookselling, publishing, and reading. We can tailor-make the field trip to suit your needs. West End is home to many attractions, including historical sites, an array of cafes and international foods, parks, and other fascinating spots, so why not make a day of it? We can also offer deals on refreshments and lunches.

Book Chats - General

Book Chats are the best way to find out about trends, upcoming releases, and important issues in children's and young adult's literature. Available for groups of three or more - we match a staff member to your needs, and offer a coffee and cake deal and/or fixed-price lunches!

Book Chats - International Literature

Did you know Where the Wild Things Are has a huge range of books by writers from overseas? We offer Book Chats focused on the best of international new releases and classics, with coffee and cake deals and/or fixed-price lunches available.

School Book Fairs

School Book Fairs are a treat for students and convenient for parents, teachers and schools. We bring a wide range of books to your school, provide talented staff members to offer advice and put through payments, and offer a Book Chat to launch the Fair the evening before.

In-Store Fundraisers

An In-Store Fundraiser is a unique alternative to a School Book Fair. Rather than bringing a selection of our stock to your school, students, teachers, family, and friends of the school can visit Where the Wild Things Are and bank money for their school library at the same time! Participants can choose from our full range of stock, consult our expert staff, and come together in a fun, safe, and social environment outside of school. This is a great opportunity to get students involved in their community and excited about reading, all while supporting their school library.

So how does it work? For the duration of the fundraiser, for example 10 days, we give a percentage of all purchases in store and online to the school library as credit to spend on books. Customers just need to mention that they are part of the fundraiser, and the credit goes straight into your school's account. We launch the fundraiser with drinks, nibbles, show bags, and a Book Chat.

Author Jack Heath with some of his bestselling books.

Authors in Schools

Where the Wild Things Are is committed to offering a vital and exciting Authors in Schools Programme. We love bringing children together with new and established authors and illustrators, and we are happy to arrange an in-class visit with one of our many dedicated authors.

School Book Clubs 

We are happy to partner with existing school book clubs to offer 10% discounts for sets of books bought or ordered through Where the Wild Things Are. We also offer our own book clubs for all different age groups.

Schedule a Visit

Nothing beats trawling our shelves and flicking through books. Is the text appropriate? What are the illustrations like? Will it appeal to your students? Book a visit to see the best of our new books and our classics backlist. Great for those who want to dedicate some time to finding perfect reads - get a group together for a book-finding mission! Coffee and cake deal available.