Quark's Academy - Talk Storytelling & Science

Friday 06 July 2018
3:00 PM – 3:45 PM
Where the Wild Things Are
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Calling all children who love science and inventions and those with curious minds! Catherine Pelosi will be at Where the Wild Things Are to discuss storytelling and her latest book Quark's Academy. Learn more about how to come up with ideas and do some science experiments, too! Ages 7+

About Catherine Pelosi:

Catherine is a children's author who has published the picture book Something for FleurQuark's Academy is her debut middle grade novel and her follow up book Meet the Maniacs is due in 2019. 

Creative writing, being outdoors, travel, cats (all animals actually, but especially cats), and spending time with friends and family are some of Catherine's favourite things. She has worked in communications for over ten years for different charities and organisations. She has also had some very fun jobs on the side including working as a children's activities coordinator on cruise ships, a dinosaur guide at Taronga Zoo, and an events organiser of music festivals in London.

Writing stories has been the one thing she has always come back to. Growing up, she loved reading as well as listening to and watching great stories. Now a grown-up, having her stories turned into books has been a dream come true. Children's books, in Catherine's opinion, are the best books. They are the ones hat shape us, give us hope, help us find our place in the world, and whisk us away to wonderful places.