Playing with Collage - Art Workshop with Kasia

Saturday 14 August 2021
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Where the Wild Things Are
Workshop Ticket - Single Ticket $25.00, Book + 1 Workshop Ticket $50.00, Book + 2 Workshop Tickets $60.00, Book + 3 Workshop Tickets $70.00
Tickets available until 06 July 2021 9:00 AM

Explore the creative possibilities of collage by making artworks inspired by the book Playing with Collage by legendary Australian author and illustrator Jeannie Baker, under the guidance of Wild Things co-manager and art teacher, Kasia Janczewski (from The Make Mistakes School of Art).

Learn to see the beauty and artistic potential in rubbish and odd bits and bobs you find at home, or out and about to create a series of collages from abstract to representational. We will play with texture, contrast, foreground, background and how to manipulate different media. Then keep creating more collages at home with Jeannie Baker's gorgeous and informative book as a great reference!

For ages 8-12.

Your ticket includes a copy of 'Playing with Collage' by Jeanie Baker, we have created tiers of tickets so that families do not have to get multiple copies of the book.