Maya and Cat: The Creation of a Children's Book

Friday 03 August 2018
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Where the Wild Things Are
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Join Phil Brown as he introduces Michael Gerard Bauer who is in-conversation with author and illustrator Caroline Magerl for the launch of Maya and Cat. Come along for a discussion of the process of creating a children's book and see some of the beautiful work-in-progress art behind Maya and Cat.

About Caroline Magerl:

Caroline Magerl is an award-winning and internationally distinguished illustrator, cartoonist, and painter. She was awarded the 2001 Crichton Award (CBCA) and was also the recipient of a grant from the Australian Council for the Arts for her first book both written and illustrated by herself. Hasel and Rose was published by Penguin Australia and Random House USA. Her new book, Maya and Cat will be published by Walker Australia, Candlewick USA, and Walker UK. The original illustrations will be shown at the prestigious Chris Beetles Gallery London UK.

About Phil Brown:

Phil is Arts Editor at The Courier-Mail newspaper and a weekly columnist whose articles and columns appear in Qweekend magazine in The Courier-Mail, and in the lifestyle magazine Brisbane News where he writes about his life and mines the rich ore of his artistic nature, with occasional references to Dumb and Dumber. He likes it to be known that although he writes for a lifestyle magazine he does not claim to have one. A lifestyle, that is.

About Michael Gerard Bauer:

Michael Gerard Bauer is the award-winning author of the laugh out loud book Don't Call Me Ishmael. He has taught English and economics but is now a full-time writer. His work includes the The Running Man, the Ishmael Trilogy, Just a Dog, Dinosaur Knights, Eric Vale/ Derek Dale series, The Pain & Me, and Rodney Loses It! He lives in Brisbane.

Please note that this event starts at 6:30pm but we encourage you to arrive at 6pm.