Emily Larkin - The Whirlpool

Sunday 28 January 2018
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Where the Wild Things Are
Register until 28 January 2018 10:00 AM

Do you or your kids love picture books? Come along to Where the Wild Things Are to meet Emily Larkin, the author of The Whirlpool, as she talks about words, pictures, and polar bears! There will also be fun colouring activities, a reading of her book, and a bear quiz for kids!

Emily Larkin is an Australian author who is based on the Sunshine Coast. Her picture book, The Whirlpool, was published in 2017 by Wombat Books, and is illustrated by award-winning artist Helene Magisson. Emily loves reading, writing, animals, magic cupboards, and looking at the sky. She has published short stories in literary journals, and is undertaking a doctorate in creative writing at the University of the Sunshine Coast. To read Emily's fiction, visit her website or follow her on Facebook.  

Praise for The Whirlpool:

'In a world of darkness and light, inside and outside of ourselves, The Whirlpool is a welcome story that may help children feel they are not so alone after all, and on the inside, we all feel the same way at different times in our lives.' - Books Reviews and Writer’s Ink

'Emily Larkin’s words are poetic-like. In their very being they stir up emotions in your soul. Helene Magisson’s breathtaking illustrations almost literally wrap you up in this sensational vortex.'- Boomerang Books

'A book to scaffold language about emotions—for difficult times and for the good times that follow.' - Where The Books Are