Arthur and the Tiger Book Launch - Sophie Beer

Saturday 18 May 2019
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Where the Wild Things Are
Ticket $5.00, TIcket + Book $19.99
Tickets available until 18 May 2019 2:00 PM

Join author-illustrator Sophie Beer for a special circus themed launch of Arthur and the Tiger. We will make our own Tiger masks, decorate party hats, and have donuts for afternoon tea. There will be a special gift from Sophie for anyone who buys Arthur and the Tiger in the book and ticket deal to say thank you, and also a lucky door prize! Only kids need tickets to the event, your grown ups are free. Ages 2-7

About Arthur and the Tiger:

The Acrobat can soar like an eagle. The Strongman can lift a car with one finger. The Jugglers can breathe fire like dragons. But Arthur has never been brave enough to learn any daring circus tricks. 

So what will Arthur do when a terrifying tiger joins the circus?

About Sophie Beer:

Sophie Beer is an award-winning illustrator/author living in Brisbane, Australia.

She completed a dual degree in Law and Creative Industries with distinction at Queensland University of Technology but found the whole law thing unutterably dull and now works primarily in children's and editorial illustration. She is perpetually astounded that she has somehow hoodwinked people into paying her money to draw all day long. Revelling in colour, shape and texture, she lives by one simple rule: art should never be boring. 

When she's not illustrating and writing, she thinks a lot about plants, animals, music and books.