Amma's Sari - Book Launch & Party

Saturday 14 May 2022
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Where the Wild Things Are
Book + Family Ticket $24.99, Family Ticket $10.00
Tickets available until 14 May 2022 1:30 PM

Both BOOK + FAMILY TICKET and FAMILY TICKET can be for an individual or for a family of 1-5.

Join Sandhya Parappukkaran for a book party as she launches Amma's Sari and celebrate International Children's Book Day.

As a second-generation migrant, 6-year-old Shreya's life tilts between her life at home and the outside world. While her love for family lifts her up, her spirits plummet at the stares and whispers that her mother's sari attracts.

Searching for balance, Shreya asks questions about her culture. But despite the beautiful stories her mother shares, Shreya's internal and external struggle continues.

But when Shreya finds herself lost in a crowd, it's the shimmer of Amma's sari that leads her to finding pride in her difference.

Amma's Sari is a powerful reflection on connection with family, the acceptance of difference, and the celebration of cultural heritage. Perfect for ages 3 and up.