100 Ways to Fly - Michelle Taylor Launch

Thursday 22 August 2019
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
Where the Wild Things Are
Register until 22 August 2019 5:30 PM

Join Michelle Taylor for the launch her new book 100 Ways to Fly with special guest Leonie Tyle. Enjoy performances of the poems read by Michelle and West End’s next generation of poets in the making.

In 100 Ways to Fly, you’ll find a poem for every mood – poems to make you
laugh, feel silly or twist your tongue, make you courageous enough for a new
adventure, and to help you soar.

Michelle Taylor is passionate about poetry’s capacity to unexpectedly lift you
up, take you away somewhere wonderful, and bring you safely home again
after you’ve experienced a whole new view of the world, and she’s penned two
previous poetry collections for younger readers as well as a YA novel.

‘It’s amazing to think that a poem can change the moment, or your day, and
occasionally, even your life,’ says Taylor. ‘Poetry is such a versatile and expressive form of communication for children (and adults) to play with, to see themselves in and to learn how to master. I hope this collection shows readers that there really are many different ways to ‘fly’, to experience the world, and to capture the magic in the mundane.’

The collection is divided into seven easy-to-read themes and uses a variety of
poetry styles suitable for primary school children.

Praise for 100 Ways to Fly:

‘The topics, humour and consummate word choice ensure that 100 Ways to Fly is
perfectly pitched to children aged three to nine.’ - Books+Publishing

About Michelle Taylor:

Michelle Taylor grew up in Darwin and Brisbane. She has lived in Suffolk,
Glasgow, London, and the island of Madeira in Portugal. She has been writing
and publishing for over twenty years. Michelle has a degree in occupational
therapy with many years experience helping people navigate their mental and
emotional health. She also has a Master of Arts in which she researched how the
role of monsters in stories can empower children and manage fears. Michelle
particularly enjoys taking poetry to young audiences. www.mudanca.com.au