The First Review Bookclub

Are you a YA reader who'd love to read new titles BEFORE they're released? Then you need to join our new book club, The First Review Book Club.

The First Review Book Club is for teen readers, aged 14+ and is a book club with special benefits. At each meeting, members will be given a review copy of an upcoming YA novel to read, and at the next meeting, members will share their views on the book they've read. You'll get to read the book before everyone starts raving about it. In fact, you may even be the one to start all the raving!

Membership to The First Review Book Club costs just $20 (redeemed if you ever decide to leave the club - but why would you?). You'll also receive a 10% discount on any books you buy on club meeting days. We meet on the first Friday of each month at 5pm.

To book your place, or for more information, call Where the Wild Things Are on 3255 3987. But do it fast, because places are limited!

See our events calendar for more information.