YA Book of the Month - January 2020


You would think after one person died, that Bayview High would learn its lesson. But it hasn't. In the sequel to One of Us is Lying, we return to the town of Bayview where a year has passed but another gossip-obsessed game has claimed another life. 

The original seniors have tried their best to move past the tragic events of the previous year. But gossip never loses its salacious edge and the students of Bayview pretend that they don't desperately want more of it. Until Truth or Dare comes along. This time its not an app, but a text sent to the entire school, inviting specific members of the school to participate in the game or face the consequences. 

However, the events that proceed the release of the Truth or Dare game have the same tragic consequences as another classmate dies. Follow along with Maeve (the younger sister of Bronwyn), Phoebe (who is working rather than heading off to college not knowing what she wants to do), and Knox (Maeve's best friend and intern at Until Proven) as the desire to know the deepest secrets of each other once again sweeps through the school. One of the great twists of the many in this book was the fact that both new and old characters will be caught in the web of the many lies and crimes that occur. 

This sequel is just as enthralling as the first and you will be captivated trying to string together the clues and storyline to solve the thrilling mystery. I highly recommend this one for those who love E Lockhart, Maureen Johnson and any other of the many brilliant YA mystery writers out there. 

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