Book Review - 'The Long Distance Playlist'


Isolde and Taylor were best friends until they had a massive fight, 18 months ago. In the time apart they have both dealt with a lot. 

Isolde is trying her hardest to win a place at the National Ballet School. However, after her boyfriend dumps her she is unable to concentrate and messes up her audition. Without her clear plan, she loses hope and begins to question whether the hours of determination and years of missed birthday parties, concerts and sleepovers was worth it all. 

Taylor, meanwhile, was a rising star in the snowboarding scene until an accident brings all his dreams of making it to the Olympics to a halt. 

With both of them being in a terrible place until Taylor contacts Isolde to sympathise with her breakup. The two of them end up sharing breakup-themed Spotify playlists and talking about exes, reigniting their friendship. Until it starts to become something more... Despite being in separate countries, the more they talk, the closer they feel to each other. But they both have so much going on in their own lives to be dealing with and things can get crossed when you are trying to keep in contact despite the distance. 

This novel is told in all sorts of different social medias and forms of technology as well as full of some incredible Spotify playlists that will capture the modern reader. 

One of my favourite aspects of this book is that it is a fantastic romance that also portrays the realities of coping with becoming disabled and opening a discussion of how that goes on to impact various parts of Taylor's life. The 'will they or won't they' aspect of this book will also have you groaning when mishaps and miscommunications seem to keep these two apart despite the fact that they are obviously perfect for each other. 

Grab this fantastic book today!