Book Review - 'Permanent Record'


Pablo Rind's life is a chaotic mess at the moment. He's dropped out of college and hasn't really told anyone. He works the night-shift at a bodega in Brooklyn. He is also drowning in debt - both on credit cards and in student loans. Not that he is doing anything about it. 

Meanwhile, in a seemingly different universe, Leanna Smart is a social star dominating the world. From her beginnings as a child star, she is now an international icon. There is nowhere in the world she can go without being recognised and adored. Her life is non-stop with all the usual features - screaming fans, private jets and exclusive hotels. 

Despite living two entirely different lives, Pablo and Leanna meet on night at the bodega. They strike up a conversation over their ultimate snack choices, luckily one of the few things Pablo has going for him. Much to Pablo's incredulity, thus begins a whirlwind romance. The two of them talk for hours on end about everything. How they can figure out who they are, who they want to be and how to defy the expectations thrown upon them. 

But hiding a relationship from social media is not possible in this day and age. And while Leanna is used to a life in the public eye, the cost of such a life is much larger than Pablo ever realised. Both of their lives are about to get extremely complicated. 

This is a fantastic new book from  Mary H.K. Choi that will force you to think about why it is that our own lives are never good enough and why we aspire to be famous when such a life is devoid of so much. 

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