The Thickety #4: the Last Spell

J. A. White; Andrea Offermann (Illustrator)

$24.99 Hardback
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Kara and Taff have discovered that the Spider Queen is searching for Princess Evangeline's grimoire, the Vukera. Legends say that any witch who wields its dangerous magic would be indestructible. Kara and Taff must stop the Spider Queen from finding the ancient weapon--and destroying everything.They will travel through time with an old enemy, come face-to-face with the creatures that guard the grimoire's pages, and unravel a king's dangerous secret, before one final battle against the Spider Queen. But can Kara save the people she loves and cast a spell that could change magic forever?

ISBN: 9780062381392
Publication Date: 04-Apr-2017
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers