The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls 3

Laura Sieveking

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Can swim queen Delphie keep her winning edge as rivalries and unexpected scandals surface at the Academy? Having been at the Royal Academy of Sport for Girls for six months, Delphie Attkinson is living her dream. While attending a State training camp, Delphie and the Year 7 Academy swim squad, come face to face with their biggest rival, the National Swim School. Tensions are soon running high in and out of the water as the two rival schools are forced to train together. But Delphie sees this as an opportunity to learn all about the strengths and weaknesses of the Swim School's best swimmers, the unbeatable Ogilvy twins. Surprisingly, Delphie forms a close friendship with one of the sisters, however in doing so, she uncovers a shocking secret. Faced with a host of challenges she never thought she would have to encounter, can Delphie make the right choice and retain her all-important swimming crown?

ISBN: 9781925324624
Publication Date: 31-Jul-2017
Publisher: Random House Australia