The Incredible Dadventure

Dave Lowe

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Holly wants to be an adventurer, just like her Dad. He's an explorer--well, a travel writer--but he's always off on adventures. Like now, he's away in Greenland riding dogsleds and sleeping in an igloo while Holly is stuck at home with her mother, baby brother Ernest and Oates the disobedient dog. Worse still, he won't be there when she performs her magic tricks in front of a huge crowd at school in 10 days, or for her birthday. But Dad has planned something very special--Holly's birthday card is a map where X marks the beginning of 10 challenges that she must complete in as many days; her very own "Dadventure!" As Holly completes each task she discovers that exploration often means facing your fears, that her mother used to be a danger-loving daredevil and that adventures can happen very close to home!

ISBN: 9781848125865
Publication Date: 01-Aug-2017
Publisher: Piccadilly Press, Limited