Nobody Real

Steven Camden

$16.99 Paperback
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The stunningly original new YA novel from renowned spoken word poet Steven Camden - with a dash of Inception and a bit of Jennifer Niven, this is the story of a teen girl and her imaginary friend, and we guarantee you have never read anything like it... Marcie is at a crossroads. Finished with school, but unsure what she wants to do next. Abandoned by her mother when she was tiny - but drifting further and further from her dad. Marcie is real. With real problems. Thor is at a crossroads too. Soon, if he doesn't make a decision, he's gong to face the fade. Years ago, he was Marcie's imaginary friend - then she cast him out, back to his own world. Thor is not real. And that's a real problem... But Marcie and Thor need each other. And to fix their lives, they're going to have to destroy everything... and then build a new world.

ISBN: 9780008168384
Publication Date: 31-May-2018
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited