Little Paws 1

Jess Black

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"A heartwarming series filled with fun and adventure about the puppies who train to become Guide Dogs and the families who help raise them. Hopefully these Little Paws will grow up to be Guide Dogs and give assistance to people who are blind or vision impaired. They will need to be confident and outgoing puppies with just the right temperament. The puppies have big paws to fill - being a Guide Dog is a huge responsibility. But right now they're Little Paws and they have noses for trouble! Little Paws are learning the ropes slowly, one paw at a time. Lexie and Tom Walker are super excited to meet their new eight-week-old puppy Harley. Harley is a very cute yellow Labrador who is a little special because she's a Guide Dog puppy in training. The Walkers have never had a dog before and they find having a young puppy more than they bargained for. Harley is gorgeous but she's also cheeky and very good at causing trouble! If she's not making a mess then she's jumping on furniture or even worse, chewing things! It's up to Lexie and Tom, with their puppy trainer's help to teach Harley some basic obedience so she can prove to everyone she is Guide Dog material!"

ISBN: 9780143781776
Publication Date: 03-Apr-2017
Publisher: Random House Australia