If You Want to Ace Your Final Year 12 Exams Read This Book

Alexandra Smith

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Awesome advice and amazing secrets that will help you excel in your final exams at high school There is no doubt about it - getting through years 11 and 12 is no picnic, and preparing for your final exams can feel like mission impossible. Yet thousands of students produce spectacular results every year, sometimes against the odds. There are plenty of secrets to their success - and they are revealed here in this book. With 50 killer tips that will help take your performance from ordinary to awesome, you will be motivated by the practical and inspirational advice of people who know what they are talking about: from the students who've aced their exams to the teachers who've helped thousands of students get great results. Clearly and simply presented, this book puts success within your reach - and aims to reduce your anxiety and stress preparing for exams by giving you the tools and the confidence to do well.

ISBN: 9780733338632
Publication Date: 18-Dec-2017
Publisher: ABC Books