Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

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Lovingly re-imagined illustrations highlight the timeless relevance and artistry of the legendary Brothers Grimm in this revised edition of Gestalten's beloved bestseller. Children delight in fantasy and fiction, the magical and the mysterious, heroes and heroines. The Brothers Grimm collected stories that promise to enthrall and expand young minds. A collection of classic fairy tales that blend haunting narratives with morals that inspire and inform, Grimm ensures an enchanting literary adventure for both readers and listeners. Over 20 stories are presented and adorned with engaging illustrations by a cast of carefully selected artists. Tried and true titles include Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood appear alongside lesser-known pieces. Grimm is a tome to complement any bookshelf or bedtime story.

ISBN: 9783899557886
Publication Date: 25-Mar-2017
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag