Alice-Miranda in China

Jacqueline Harvey

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"Fun, festivities and fireworks! When a letter arrives at Winchesterfield-Downsfordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies offering a cultural exchange to Beijing, Alice-Miranda and her friends are quick to sign up. They can't wait to experience the delights of one of the world's busiest cities! While there, the visitors will attend The Bright Star Academy and be billeted among local students. Excitingly, Alice-Miranda and Jacinta are placed with a family who own a circus troupe. On the trip, they also get to meet the famous acrobat Summer Tan and are captivated by her talents. However, after running into Summer in some surprising locations, Alice-Miranda starts to realise something strange is going on. When a priceless antiquity is stolen from the Shanghai Museum, the mystery deepens. Will the thief be caught before it's too late?"

ISBN: 9780857985200
Publication Date: 01-Jan-2017
Publisher: Random House Australia