The Murri School Book Drive


During the month of March we invite customers and businesses to purchase a book for the Murri School in Acacia Ridge. The school is an Aboriginal and Islander Independent Community School which fosters an inclusive learning environment in respect of the native peoples, culture, and land. Get involved in closing the literacy gap! All purchases donated to the Murri School in March are 10% off and will include a locally designed bookplate with your name. If you purchase over $500 worth of books to be donated, you will get a 20% discount. You can also donate your loyalty points to the Murri School or make a donation to their fundraising account. Choose from our curated selection of books, or purchase a personal favourite.

To receive the discount online, simply add the code murri10 at the checkout, or murri20 for orders over $500! Select the option 'do not post' and put a note in the special instructions saying that your purchase is a donation to the Murri School.

Books change lives, reading saves lives. Help our community thrive and donate today!